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The deadline for registering players is AUGUST 31, 2013. Please follow these instructions:


1)  Check the “Suspended Players’ List” carefully before you sign any player. If any of your players are on this list, it is your responsibility to inform us. Simply attach a note to the player’s form stating that he appears on the list. The list can be found on our website under the headings “Current Discipline” or ‘Past Discipline’.  


2)  You were given 25 player registration forms per team. The registration cost is $40 per player.  Premier Division and Division 1 players must use ‘A’ forms; Division 2, Division 3, CAT Divisions, and Under 21 players must use ‘B’ forms; Masters’ Division players must use ‘M’ forms. If you are using the new forms, please make sure you check off the correct square. The office will be open on Saturday, August 24 (from 10 a.m to 11:30 a.m.),  Tuesday, August 27 (from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.),  Thursday, August 29 (from 7 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.), and Saturday, August 31 (from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.). You can bring your package of registration forms and ID cards to the office on one of those days. If you need more forms, or ID cards, you can pick them up on the above-mentioned dates. Please make sure that your players are signed no later than August 31, 2013. We cannot guarantee that registrations will be processed if the August 31 deadline is not met. The season is slated to start on the weekend of September 06/07/08, 2013. You must supply us with a copy of a new player’s driver’s licence (or other picture ID) along with his completed ID card and recent passport-style picture. Please bring the registration forms, ID cards (new, old, and expired), and a cheque ($40 times the number of players registered) to the office on the above-mentioned dates and times. You cannot put them through a mail slot! We will not register a player if his form and VMSL ID card have not been filled out completely and properly, if the form has not been signed by the player, if you do not supply us with picture ID (for new players), or if the player’s picture is inadequate. You will be notified when your ID cards are ready. DO NOT SEND INDIVIDUAL PLAYERS TO THE OFFICE TO REGISTER DURING THE FIRST WEEK OF LEAGUE PLAY!!


3)  The blue ID cards are to be used by CAT teams, while the green ones are for non-CAT teams. The pink ones are for Under 21 teams. The age cut-off for the Under 21 Division is 1993. Anyone born in 1992 or earlier is not eligible. The orange cards are for teams in the Masters’ Division that are ‘CATTING’ with teams in the regular divisions or in the Over 40’s Division, while the grey cards are for single-entity Masters’ teams. The age cut-off for the Masters’ Division is 1978. However, each Masters’ Division team is allowed to register 3 underage players (born in 1979 to 1982).