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Carlsberg 2011 Pacific Cup

Carlsberg announced as Presenting Sponsor of Pacific Cup

September 19th, 2011


The Vancouver Island Soccer League (VISL), the Fraser Valley Soccer League (FVSL) and the Vancouver Metro Soccer League (VMSL) are pleased to announce that Carlsberg will be the presenting sponsor of the Pacific Cup, a joint effort by the three leagues, with the support of the BCSA, to build senior mens soccer in British Columbia.


This is the second year of the Pacific Cup and the first year that the VMSL has participated. The inaugural competition was won by Gorge FC over Gordenhead FC in the final, both of the VISL.


With the addition of such a high profile sponsor as Carlsberg and the largest league in the province (the VMSL), the goal is to gain more exposure for this new competition that gives the senior leagues across the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island a chance to pit their skills against each other in an additional competition during the winter season.


Ultimately the plan is for the competition to develop into a more traditional Champions League style of group play that is separate from weekly league play and provides the opportunity to face teams in different leagues in a different format than the spring time Provincial Cup competition.


Carlsberg Pacific Cup qualification is achieved through previous season’s league placement with additional spots going to the two past finalists from the Provincial Cup.


The 2011 Carlsberg Pacific Cup commences September 21st, 2011 and the 2011 final will be hosted by the FVSL on the weekend of December 3rd, 2011.


The Carlsberg sponsorship entails Carlsberg product sampling for every team that qualifies for the tournament and each time a team advances.


The Carlsberg Pacific Cup includes a $1000 first place cash prize and a $500 second place cash prize.


Carlsberg will present a tournament MVP package at the final and winners’ commemorative T-shirts. The attractive Carlsberg Pacific Cup is held by the winners for the season.


Carlsberg is committed to soccer on a global scale from the highest professional levels of the game right down to the grass roots level. Carlsberg sponsors the Euro Championships, various club and national teams as well community level teams around the world.


The VISL, FVSL and VMSL encourage their members to support Carlsberg at retail locations and at licenced premises.


For more information contact:


Vince Greco, VISL President – 250.899.1213 http://www.visl.org

Thomas Mills, FVSL Administrator – 778.355.3875 http://www.fraservalleysoccer.com

Geoff Catliff, VMSL Secretary – 604.612.6549 http://www.vmslsoccer.com

Kjeld Brodsgaard, BCSA Vice President, Senior Soccer – 250.727.7428 http://www.bcsoccer.net

Tim Turner, Carlsberg Canada – 604.505.9157 http://www.carlsberg.ca



Peace Arch Utd (FVSL) 1





 Rich. Hibernians (VMSL) 2 PK



Rich. Hibernians (VMSL) 3






 Rich. Hibernians (VMSL) 3


Columbus FC (VMSL) 1





Poco FC (FVSL) 1



Poco FC (FVSL) 2 PK








ICST Pegasus (VMSL) 5



Rich. Hibernians (VMSL) 1

ICST Pegasus (VMSL) 6



Westside FC (VMSL) 0






ICST Pegasus (VMSL)  2


Gordenhead (VISL) 4 PK





 Gordenhead (VISL) 0



West Van FC (VMSL) 3



Surrey Utd (VMSL)




Carlsberg 2011 Pacific Cup

Surrey Utd (VMSL) 5




Surrey Utd (VMSL) 5



Cowichan FC (VISL) 0






Surrey Utd (VMSL) 3


Port Moody Gunners (FVSL) 2 PK





Port Moody Gunners (FVSL) 3



ICST Inter (VMSL) 1



 Surrey Utd (VMSL) 2 OT





Bays Utd FC (VISL) 1



Delta Utd Hurricanes (VMSL) 2



Delta Utd Hurricanes (VMSL) 2




   Delta Utd Hurricanes (VMSL) 1


Coq. Metro Ford Wolves (VMSL) 2





Surrey FC Athl. Club (FVSL) 1



Surrey FC Athletic Club (FVSL) 3








Round  of 16

Quarter Final

Semi Final


Sept 23/24/25

Oct 28/29/30

Sat Nov 19

Sat Dec 3


Rules and Regulations














Each game must have a Winner - After 90 minutes, straight to PK's to avoid scheduling extensions on TURF fields.

 Overtime in Semi Finals and Final






















2011 Final to be held in FVSL - Each year shall rotate through the league if not 2 teams from same league.














 League and or Pacific Cup suspensions do not generally apply across competitions.




 Red Card Misconducts will be processed by the HOME league.







 Yellow Cards - As per BCSA Provincial Cup e.g. 2 yellows = 1 game Suspension for Pacific Cup















 Permits - 3 players from your CLUB System











(BC Soccer Rule)







 t) Each team shall be allowed to make a maximum of five (5) substitutions at any time during the



 game including overtime when played. Unlimited substitutions may also be made at halftime




or fulltime before any overtime.

























 VMSL 2 - VISL 2 - FVSL 2 - BC Finalists 2





















 Carlsberg to provide $500 in Cash plus Product samples for participants.


















 Each participating League shall pay $500 towards the costs of the Pacific Cup competition.
















 1st Place $1000 2nd Place $500






















Scheduled by HOME league; Final To be determined. Teams pay $60 for each game to share cost. (except FINAL)


Referee sends RED Report to HOME league who forward to appropriate ADMIN for the players league














 1st Place Trophy provided by VISL (teams do not keep this trophy)






 Carlsberg MVP Prize package










 T shirts provided by HOST league






















 1st Round

Sept 23/24/25


1/4 Finals

Oct 28/29/30





 Semi Finals

Nov 18/19/20




  Sat Dec 3


















 Grant of $500 for cost of field, Referees and Winners T-shirts



















 Semi Finals and FINAL



If overtime is required the full 30 minutes shall be played. (2 x 15 minutes)